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  • Thematic presentations CSR

    HSBC Conference - 29/06/2021 - BNP Paribas CSR Strategy

  • Thematic presentations CSR

    HSBC Conference - 29/06/2021 - BNP Paribas Corporate Governance

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    2020 Integrated report

BNP Paribas' mission is to contribute to a responsible and sustainable economy by financing and advising clients according to the highest ethical standards.
Jean Lemierre, Chairman of the Board of BNP Paribas

Extra-financial ratings and distinctions

In 2020 the Group maintained or improved its performance in almost all of the ratings of the main extra-financial rating agencies. These ratings, which take into account stakeholders’ expectations in terms of CSR commitments and responsible practices, recognise BNP Paribas’ progress in this area and are useful in defining its social and environmental objectives.

Latest distinctions

  • V.E (former name Vigeo Eiris), 2020
    1 st
    Bank in Europe in the Diversified Banks category (requested rating: A1+)
  • Euromoney, 2020
    World’s best bank for financial inclusion
  • Corporate Knights, 2021
    BNP Paribas is included in Corporate Knights ranking of the 100 most sustainable companies (top French, 2nd European)
  • Equileap
    Top French bank in Equileap’s international gender equality ranking.
  • Ranking 1st in Europe in the Diversified Banks category according to the V.E 2020 rankings (requested rating: A1+).
  • BNP Paribas received an AA rating in the 2020 MSCI ESG Ratings.
  • BNP Paribas received an A- rating in the 2020 (CDP) Carbon Disclosure Project rankings.
  • BNP Paribas is listed in the Dow Jones European and World sustainable indices.
  • BNP Paribas is listed in the Euronext-Vigeo Eiris indices World 120, Europe 120, Eurozone 120 and France 20.
Agency (Rating) Rating (year of latest rating) Rating (previous year) Inclusion in the related indexes
CDP A- (2020) A- (2019)  
FTSE Russell 4.9/5 (2020) 5/5 (2019) FTSE4Good Global Index Series
ISS (ESG Corporate Rating) C+ (2020) C+ (2019) Prime (best-in-class status)
MSCI (ESG Corporate Rating) AA (2020) A (2019)  
SAM (Corporate Sustainability Assessment) 81/100 (2020) 79/100 (2019) DJSI World – DJSI Europe
Sustainalytics (ESG Risk Rating) Medium risk - 25.7/100*
 (Nov. 2020)
Medium risk - 28.5/100
(Sept. 2019)
STOXX Global ESG Leaders
V.E (ESG Profile) 71/100 (2020)
No. 1 European bank in the ranking
Solicited rating: A1+
70/100 (2019)

Euronext-Vigeo Eiris World 120, Eurozone 120,

Europe 120 and France 20

* 0 being the best score.

BNP Paribas Group CSR news

  • Investing your savings responsibly: How does it work?

    Today, more and more people are interested in responsible investment products: individuals, companies, states, institutions, NGOs, etc. However, even if they want savings with a positive impact on society and the environment, savers still do not have a clear picture of how it works and have yet to p... - (source:
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  • Euronext ESG summit: turning the tide for a sustainable maritime economy

    Sustainable development of the maritime economy and protection of the oceans can go hand in hand. Innovative financing will play a key role, and fits in line with the Group’s recent commitments to biodiversity and further accelerating the transition to a sustainable economy. - (source:
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  • Sustainable finance applied to reducing food waste

    The fight against food waste is becoming increasingly widespread and tangible throughout the world, and with good reason: according to the United Nations, this waste represents between 8 and 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and 1/3 of the food produced each year is being thrown away. Such a... - (source:
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The four pillars of our CSR strategy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach allows us to take part in building a sustainable future, while ensuring the Group’s performance and continued stability.
  • The economy

    Financing the economy in an ethical manner

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  • Our people

    Developing and engaging our people responsibly

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  • The community

    Being a positive agent for change

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  • The environment

    Accelerating the ecological and energy transition

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Governance and Compliance

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  • The general management and the Executive Committee
  • Compliance
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